Design and Features of the Training Programme

Collaborating with University of Cambridge, understanding profoundly the global economy, targeting at trainees specialised in different professional fields, custom curriculum highlighting individual needs
Learning the advanced idea of globalization from internationally distinguished scholars, combining lectures with field research and applications in innovative high- tech projects.Taking inspirations from advanced enterprise management, improving trainees’ leadership and coorperation skills, seeking new market-oriented needs, exploring overseas market.Understanding the national conditions of United Kingdom, connecting with overseas innovative technology, making policies in the context of globalization, integrating market and cooperative operations from the perspective of international business.
Discussing with professors from the world’s top universities, inspiring new ideas and concepts, getting familiar with international business culture and customs, promoting interactions between similar industries on the global market.

Targeted Participant

Chinese entrepreneurs, CEO, president, senior managing partners or technical experts in industries including finance, advanced technology, industrial engineering and logistics management, agricultural and agrifoods, energy and environmental technology, and etc.

We offer guidance and assistance at the UK visa office in Beijing. Participants are required to have valid passports, mobile phone with international call service available, and WeChat account.

During the training programme, participants will experience the authentic traditions at the University of Cambridge such as wearing traditional gowns when dining at the Jesus College Cambridge. Upon completion of the programme, the participants will be offered a certificate of graduation by the Jesus College Cambridge. A group photo will be taken to mark the occasion. Jesus College is the oldest college at University of Cambridge. Located in the east north part on campus, the college has a perfect location surrounded by a beautiful park. Its classrooms are more than a 800 years old. The location is ideal for study, living and tourism.